Spectacle Fitting and Lens Selection

Tombs & Allen Opticians Ltd are eye-care professionals with many years of experience and a passionate aim to provide the best for their patients.

Spectacle Fitting and Lens Selection

Our skilled dispensing optician/optical consultant carefully assesses the optimal correction solution for each person in need of glasses. Explore our extensive selection of spectacle frames and lenses that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Elevating our commitment to precision, we have recently invested in cutting-edge technology, providing the most accurate measurements for your new spectacles.

Using the Visioffice measuring device, We are able to precisely tailor your spectacle lens to the individual anatomy of your eye. This ensures the delivery of immediate and seamless vision, boasting precision levels up to five times higher. The more acquainted we become with your eye, the more precisely we can customize your lens.

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We have a long history of providing excellent care for the local community. We pride ourselves on providing individual eye care delivered by the best people using advanced equipment. We have a wide scope of products available to us and provide expert advice about the optimal optical solutions.



Spectacle Fitting
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