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Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve is damaged by a weakness in the optic nerve or a combination of both.

Sometimes the damage is caused by a higher than normal pressure. Sometimes the pressure is normal but damage occurs because there is a weakness in the optic nerve. In most cases both factors can be involved to a certain extent. If the optic nerve is under too much pressure, it can be injured. The damage done depends on how high the pressure is and how long it has been raised.

There are several different types of Glaucoma all of which have differing symptoms ranging from nothing at all to an attack of severe pain. The modes of onset vary considerably and the treatments available are also quite numerous.

The important thing is to have regular eyesight examinations which includes detailed checks for glaucoma. Remember, an eye examination can detect the presence of hidden eye disease.

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Frequently asked questions about Glaucoma and the eyes:-

Is glaucoma hereditary?
Yes, chronic glaucoma is on average 6 times more common in near blood relations of someone with chronic glaucoma. But there are many sporadic cases.

What happens if chronic glaucoma is not treated?
Eventually you may only see the centre of what you are looking at, making it difficult to get about, despite the sight being clear in the middle. Later even this sight may be lost.

At what age is glaucoma most likely to start? Is race a factor?
Acute glaucoma tends to occur more in middle aged women. It is prevalent in the peoples of South East Asia and in Eskimos than elsewhere. Chronic glaucoma affects mainly older people and the incidence increases with age, or even earlier if there is a family history of the disease. It is more common in those of African extraction, in whom it tends to start younger and be less responsive to treatment. Early detection and careful monitoring are particularly important in this racial group.

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