Eye Wear 

Face Furniture? - An odd phrase perhaps, but spectacle frames are such an integral part of the way we look. 
Whether you are a newcomer to spectacles or a seasoned wearer, the right choice of frame and lenses is very important. 
We may want to be bold and wear an imposing colour or an unusual shape. We may want our spectacles to blend in as much as possible. They have to look good, feel comfortable and most importantly allow you to see! 
A frequent comment we get from our patients is how much they appreciate individual help in selecting their frames and lenses. With all of the options available it's no wonder! 
As an independent practice we are able to offer spectacle frames from some of the leading manufacturers of eyewear. 
We also cater for all budgets, from the basic to designer. 


The transition from the written prescription to your finished pair of spectacles involves a number of skilled professionals. 
Our qualified and GOC registered Dispensing Optician will be able to recommend the best lenses for you, taking into account your prescription, your frame and your lifestyle requirements. 
The last 15 years have seen amazing advances in spectacle lens technology. No longer are we restricted to the choice of just glass or plastic! 
New materials and lens designs mean that we are able to make lenses thinner, lighter and optically better than ever before. We can even have a varifocal lens designed for your prescription 
Modern plastic photochromic lenses allow the comfort of a lightweight lens that will darken in sunlight and lighten again when indoors. 
Antireflection coatings are now routinely achieving 99.2% light transmission, improving comfort on a VDU, making night driving in spectacles more comfortable and making spectacles look better. 
Our major lens suppliers are synonymous with quality and innovation. Whether a simple reading lens or a bespoke multifocal lens, the same care and quality assurance protocols are followed. 
We are also a Rodenstock Impression ILT specialist centre. 


Everyone likes to look cool in their shades, but there is a serious side to them as well. 
Wearing a tinted lens without adequate UV filtration can increase your exposure to dangerous UV radiation. 
Children are more at risk from UV exposure than adults. 
UVA & UVB rays are as harmful to our eyes as they are to our skin. 
Age related macular degeneration is caused by a combination of UV damage, smoking & alcohol. It accounts for 50% of blindness & partial sight registrations in the UK. 

Contact Lens 

Leonardo da Vinci discovered that water on his cornea changed the way he saw. We now have somewhat more sophisticated ways of using contact lenses to improve how we see. 
He would have marvelled at soft contact lenses that can be worn during sleep or daily disposable lenses that correct astigmatism. 
This and more is now possible. 
By their very nature, contact lenses touch the delicate corneal surface. As such the fitting of lenses and monitoring their interaction with the eye is a skilled procedure. 
We provide a contact lens fitting service based on care and professionalism. We are driven by quality of care and value, rather than cost. 
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