Ocular Supplements 

Sight deteriorates with age, making those middle aged or higher prime candidates for ocular supplements that promise to preserve eye health and perhaps prevent the kind of problems older generations have experienced. Some vitamins and minerals are proven important, but there's also research showing that those who go overboard can easily cause more harm than good. Let's look at what to expect when shopping for ocular supplements. 
Common Ingredients 
Remember how your mom would always nag you about eating your carrots, because it was good for your eyes? Turns out she was right on the money, after all. Here is a list of common ingredients in ocular supplements. 
Beta carotene 
Folic acid 
Vitamin C and E 
All of these are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals with proven health benefits, including benefits for eyes. You'll also note that you can get plenty of all the above simply through eating a balanced diet. Carrots are packed with beta carotene, bell peppers have loads of vitamin C , many nuts are rich in vitamin E and so forth. In a perfect world, good eating habits would essentially make ocular supplements unnecessary. 
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